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Profiles on each executive candidate, with panelist endorsements!

Chamber invites applications for the 2018 Air Canada Student Entrepreneurship Award

CHARLOTTETOWN — The Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce has launched their second annual student entrepreneurship Award as part of an effort to celebrate and support entrepreneurship in the province.  This $2,000 award is sponsored by Air Canada and will be presented to a post-secondary student who both resides on the Island during the academic year and operates a... Continue Reading →

Dissonance: New Art Exhibit Opens in Dawson Lounge

By: Adi Vella Please be advised that content in this article is of a sensitive nature and may trigger some readers. Reader discretion is strongly advised. the wall is a gallery space in UPEI’s Dawson lounge for exhibitions of artwork... Continue Reading →

THE FRESHMAN 15: 15 Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Year at University

By: Kailea Switzer If you had have told me when I was 8 or even 18 that I would be a Harvard grad, I would have never believed you. I grew up in Charlottetown, PEI, and in school, things always... Continue Reading →

Inside the 2nd Annual UPEI Case Competition

By: Dan Timen “And the winning team is…” These words captured the attention of the UPEI students in Downtown Charlottetown’s Next Door Lounge on Friday evening. The large crowd in suits and blazers eagerly anticipated the announcement of the winners... Continue Reading →

2017 Grad Spends Fall Working in NYC

By: Allison O’Brien Do you ever wonder if your undergrad will open up any exciting doors for the future? Or are you part of the growing opinion that undergrads are the new high school diploma, and without going to grad... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the 2017-18 UPEISU Executive Report Cards

In mid-March, a new crop of executives were elected and hired, keen to improve the lives of students at UPEI. The executives are now more than halfway through their term, so the editorial board of The Cadre sat down with... Continue Reading →

Does Humour Have a Place in the Classroom?

Humour is really, really difficult to manage in a classroom context. Teachers who have reputations for being funny are typically people who are funny (or who exploit humour, or value wit) more generally. To a certain extent, they can’t help... Continue Reading →

UPEI Arts Review Author Profile: Stephanie Cairns

The Arts Review is a student-led print publication that strives to promote excellence in student writing at UPEI. Last year, the Review published its sixth volume: White Water. This volume contains a wide variety of both creative and academic pieces that... Continue Reading →

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