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I have a rant inside of me that needs to come out. It’s about the zones in the Robertson Library, and if you’re unfamiliar, then this rant might be about you. Have you ever found yourself studying in the stacks... Continue Reading →

How to Halloween Party: 101

How to host a rad party you ask? Well, you need good music for starters, you could bring some mad flipping lights and if you're feeling really ambitious, add a few smoke machines. You'd be amazed how these things can... Continue Reading →

The Not-So-Four-Year Degree

My least favourite question, besides, “Hey, wanna go to the bar this weekend?” (hey introverts) is “What year are you in at UPEI?” It forces me to go through the grueling process of explaining my messy, extended undergraduate degree to... Continue Reading →

Contraception: Women Deserve Better Than a Band-Aid

I’m a feminist, and I am not in love with contraception. The patch, shot, and especially the pill have been iconic of the feminist movement since the mid-twentieth century when the first hormonal contraception was developed by Margaret Sanger and... Continue Reading →

What It’s Like to Be a Club Sport

Varsity sports have various supporters, good attendance, and ample coverage from UPEI. Club Sports, although they are just as competitive as Varsity teams, are not given the same amount of promotion and funding. I should know, I play for the... Continue Reading →

Waste of Space: Why the UPEI SU App Needs Revision

It’s very refreshing to have many systems that enhance daily student experiences here at UPEI. With utilities such as Onesearch, Moodle, and MyUPEI, we are well equipped with services for having great success during any given semester. The black sheep... Continue Reading →


There are two days in the year when students are actually excited to log into their Campus Login: regular semester registration day (which happens at the end of May) and summer semester registration day (which is at the end of... Continue Reading →

Well, That was Brutal

By: Morin Mawhinney As many of you (hopefully) know, the Student Union Election Debate was held last night at the Wave. Many of you are also probably wondering where the formal coverage of said debate is, and I promise it’s... Continue Reading →

Drinking Game for the SU Debate Tonight

By: Nick Scott Drink: If the debate actually ends up being a town hall forum that’s being called a debate. Any time the following are said: “We need to engage more students to get involved on-campus.” “The Student Union needs... Continue Reading →

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