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Award-Winning Documentary “Bluefin” To Be Screened At UPEI

By: Adi Vella The UPEI Environmental Society, Save our Seas and Shores PEI and Cinema Politica Charlottetown are jointly organising a screening of Bluefin at UPEI on Sunday, March 25th. Bluefin is a documentary that provides commentary on the stocks... Continue Reading →

PEI Theatre Community to Celebrate World Theatre Day

By: Adi Vella PEI’s annual Community Theatre Festival will mark the 57th celebration of World Theatre Day during the afternoon of March 17th at the Carrefour in Charlottetown. Seven short plays will run approximately 45 minutes  throughout the afternoon. It... Continue Reading →

What’s a YouTube? 5 Podcasts to Listen to this Reading Week

By: Allison O'Brien Why have podcasts grown exponentially in popularity over the past three years? Is it because we’re tired of reading articles on screens?  Or are we attracted to them because they can be downloaded and listened to while... Continue Reading →

Why Rich Brian’s Amen Is Worth Your Time

By: Iain Burhoe Looking at Brian Imanuel, you wouldn’t assume that he is a world-renowned rapper. The Indonesian-born artist only began releasing music about two years ago, with his first popular song being “Dat $tick”, a ballad about shooting cops... Continue Reading →

Dissonance: New Art Exhibit Opens in Dawson Lounge

By: Adi Vella Please be advised that content in this article is of a sensitive nature and may trigger some readers. Reader discretion is strongly advised. the wall is a gallery space in UPEI’s Dawson lounge for exhibitions of artwork... Continue Reading →

Three Indigenous Musicians You Need to Know

By: Adi Vella As a product of the 21st century and its popular culture, I would be hardly remiss to say that I (much like my peers) consume and relish music at a level unlike any other generation of human... Continue Reading →

Purchasing Followers on Social Media

By: Scott Grant On Monday, January 15th at 7:00 P.M. or so, I decided to venture into the world of purchasing followers for my social media accounts. For this experiment I decided to use my Instagram, because who doesn’t want... Continue Reading →

Downtown Charlottetown Bubbling with Activity

By: Adi Vella Charlottetown as a city is seeing a wave of community engagement that has been adapted into the business models of local entrepreneurs. Local businesses run by enthusiastic and relatively ‘young’ individuals have created spaces throughout the city,... Continue Reading →

Are You Prepared for Finals?

As much as it scares me to say and for you to hear, finals are drawing near. Like the darkness that spreads across the sky at 5 pm, the end of the semester is an ineliminable outcome. As you sit... Continue Reading →

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