Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing, Writing, Writing…

So now that you’ve all become such improved writers, it does seem unfortunate that we are only two sleeps away from the end of the term. I know what you’re thinking: Graphy, I’m tired of essays, and tests, and school,... Continue Reading →

Professor Spotlight: Susan Brown

Dr. Susan Brown, associate professor of History at UPEI, is a gem of the history department. She hustles into class, never late, but never too early, usually wearing something colorful and bright as if she were Spring itself.  Her passion... Continue Reading →

Music is Izzy

Isaiah Presley is a music producer, songwriter, and singer from Bayelsa, Nigeria. He is popularly known as 2’Izzy. He started out as a rapper; his grade school crush (name withheld) asked him to sing her a Drake song. He spent... Continue Reading →

When in Doubt, Consult the Experts: Writing Tips from a Few Famous Friends

I know you are all deep into writing just about everything these days: theses, essays, reports, cover letters, and resumes. And I know that when you’re switching rhetorical gears, it’s easy to focus on formatting requirements and forget the bottom... Continue Reading →

Best Places to Cry on Campus

That beautiful time of year, where each student rounds the final lap of the semester and gracefully glides to the finish line, has returned again. Just kidding. This is the time of year where each student makes a mad dash... Continue Reading →

Philosophers Day 2017 -Reviving Tradition

On Friday, students and faculty joined in Schurman Market Square to celebrate the “second” annual Philosophers Day. I say “second” because Philosophers Day was an annual tradition at St. Dunstan’s University and was only revived last year. In the days... Continue Reading →

Waste of Space: Why the UPEI SU App Needs Revision

It’s very refreshing to have many systems that enhance daily student experiences here at UPEI. With utilities such as Onesearch, Moodle, and MyUPEI, we are well equipped with services for having great success during any given semester. The black sheep... Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesdays with Gary Graphite: Gone Writing

Gone Writing: Hope you are doing the same! So here we are, a whole week later, and what a week it’s been! I’ve been slugging through some pretty deep essay-writing quagmire, hanging with my friends, and scrambling to put together... Continue Reading →

Ten Tips For Those Dreadful Finals

The original copy of this article was written by Olivia Robinson and was first published on the third of December, 2012. Congratulations - you’ve almost made it to the end of the second semester. All that stands between you and the... Continue Reading →

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