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Poppy Protocol & Particulars

Since the Great War Veterans’ Association of Canada first adopted the red poppy as the official symbol of remembrance in 1921, Canada, along with other countries have worn the poppy to honour their fallen soldiers. The red poppy is a native plant along much... Continue Reading →

UPEI Student Entrepreneurs Talk Business with The Cadre  

  The Cadre met with UPEI business students Evan Hawley, the founder of Odyssey Virtual and co-founder Michael Thompson to chat about their entrepreneurial venture. The Cadre: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Hawley: “I moved to UPEI and... Continue Reading →

Getting Involved in Your Academic Community Opens the Gateway to an Awesome Experience

Photo: taken by a UPEI student on a field trip to Basin Head    Yes, you should attend your classes and take every opportunity to participate and learn in the context of your courses, but … there is more! When... Continue Reading →

UPEI Expecting to Charge for Printing Again on November 1st

If you’ve printed anything at UPEI this year, you might have noticed that it didn’t cost you anything. Well, it hasn’t always been free, and it won’t be free for much longer. UPEI used to charge ten cents per page... Continue Reading →

Executive Profile: Hammad Ahmed

To conclude The Cadre's SU Executive Profile series, we present to you your UPEI Student Union President Hammad Ahmed!   The Cadre hopes this series has shed some light on who the SU executive members are and what actually goes on... Continue Reading →

Executive Profile: Taya Nabuurs

Here is the profile we produced on the VP Academic & External Taya Nabuurs.      

Executive Profile: Megan Rix

Next up in our exec profile series is the cheeriest member of the executive team VP Megan Rix! Watch The Cadre's video to see how she’s getting along as Vice President Student Life!      

Executive Profile: William McGuigan

Are you curious as to what exactly goes on at the Student Union? Have you ever wondered what SU executives actually do? Are you trying to remember who this year's Student Union Executives are? The Cadre talked to all four SU... Continue Reading →

Interact and Learn from Some of the Best Canadian Companies Through The Great Canadian Sales Competition

Last week The Cadre sat down with UPEI lead GCSC ambassador Patti Kibenge and GCSC ambassador Connor Mayhew to find out why students should consider participating in Great Canadian Sales Competition (GCSC). The GCSC is based out of Toronto and... Continue Reading →

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