By: Hammad Ahmed
The aim of the International Student Buddy Program is to provide assistance for a smooth transition into Canadian culture for new International Students. By assisting these new students with things like adapting to a new country, culture, and environment, we aim to create a more relaxed and hospitable atmosphere for the new International Students.
The Buddy Program facilitators work on campus, off campus, and through social media everyday. These volunteers not only make friends through this program but also get a chance to learn about new cultures, new languages, sharpen their skills, get valuable experience, discounts on different events happening on campus (including UPEISU events), certificates, and more.
This semester we are trying out a new concept called the Bi-Weekly Buddy. This Bi-Weekly Buddy program will recognize a pair of “buddies” who have done extraordinary work in the weeks before. I select the Bi-Weekly buddy pair for the quality and quantity of time they spend with their buddy which is tracked through an attendance sheet that they fill in. 
Shianna from Canada and Samantha from Mexico are the first pair to be the Bi-weekly Buddy. Only Buddy program members will be part of this program, so if you are interested in being a buddy program volunteer you can learn more about International Buddy Program from our website at or E-mail me at
You can always be part of the UPEI International Buddy Program group so join us for awesome activities this semester!