Hey folks! Welcome back! Now I know some of you may be less than excited for YET ANOTHER semester but bear with me here. With the pain of our return to responsibilities also comes a chance to start fresh … or whatever. You know what that means!

Yes. New Year’s Resolutions.

So whatever writing-related New Year’s Resolutions you may have, I (or anyone at the writing center) can help. Whether it’s getting better grades on your papers, or simply improving your writing, we are here FOR YOU!  

So if/when you ever feel like you’re up a creek with no canoe, stop by the Writing Centre! We may not give you a canoe, but we can at least help you with your writing.

As an added bonus: we’re doing a giveaway! In celebration of 2017 (and being done with 2016), every week, the 17th student who has an appointment at the WC will get a gift bag. Be sure to stop by and work with us, because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Also be sure to keep a look-out for our Facebook page for more info about the WC, including quick writing tips:



Your pal,

Gary Graphite