By: Morin Mawhinney

With so much controversy in the world, it’s refreshing when we can all agree on something and today, that something is taking a nap. Whether you’re exhausted emotionally, physically or spiritually, a nap will cure you. If that nap has to happen at school,  it’s fine, we’re not judging. In fact, we concur. So to make make your nappuccino (cappuccino followed by nap) as reviving as possible, I asked the world wide web where the best places to nap on campus are. To prove how seriously I take my work, I even tried them out and rated them for posterity. As I did so I took into account the level of noise, the brightness of light, the amount of privacy, the quality of comfort, and the amount of time acceptable to stay. So enjoy, exhausted students of UPEI, it’s my honor to serve you in such a way.


  • The Dawson Lounge


Recommended by Erin, Kali and Nathan

As the most recommended Nap Destination on campus, it made sense to make Dawson Lounge my first stop. Further, after the four flights of stairs I had to climb to reach the fifth floor of main building, I was definitely ready for a nap. Nuzzled at the end of a hallway, Dawson Lounge invites you in with a waft fresh, peaceful, non-judgemental air, while the chairs call to your with their neutral, calming, earth toned, plushy cushions. Although the Dawson Lounge is brightly lit, the light streams in from large windows giving the brightness a comforting rather than invasive feel. There’s nothing like watching rain drip calmly down a large window to ease your anxiety and help you drift into slumber. Depending on the number of people in the room, the Dawson Lounge offers privacy and peaceful silence. However, since the silence really is dependent on what happens in and around the Dawson Lounge, I would recommend headphones so as to not be startled by any unexpected noises that might occur. If the sound of music prohibits your ability to fall asleep, they are completely optional. Overall, I would give the Dawson Lounge a 4-star rating; a very lovely place to recover from stress.



  • Library: Quiet Section Sunroom


Recommended by Alexandra

What the library has to offer is everything! There is peace, there is quiet, there are big comfy chairs that engulf you into a little cave of joyful comfort. It is a welcoming space where everyone just agrees not to talk because school is really hard so no headphones required. Even with people there, the sunroom is three steps down from the main level so there is a distinct feeling of privacy and separation from the working world. One drawback, however, is that the chairs are not large enough to stretch out fully, so this space would work best for sleepers who like curling up like cats (i.e me). One final note, since this is the library, you must consider the appropriate amount of time you can spend napping there. I would give it around 30-45 minutes before you either move spots, or find something to do. As my personal favourite, I give the library sunroom 4 ½ stars.



  • Library: Under a table in a study room


Recommended by Kathleen

Yes it is quiet, but you will experience the creepiest and most anxiety filled silence here! Maybe it would’ve helped if I actually booked the room, but the fear of someone walking in and finding me lying under a table as well as staring bleakly at the packages of chewed gum stuck underneath it made it near impossible to get some shut eye. I don’t think I even need to explain that concrete is not a comfortable surface, especially when it smells like feet, moldy snacks, and death. This Nap Destination is for the truly desperate!  In order to enjoy this, you cannot care at all. I would give this recommendation 1-star for the lighting situation. Being under the table blocked out the light nicely. For the truly brave, you could shut the lights off entirely, but be ready to scare the living daylights out of whoever flicks the switch and finds a pair of limp looking feet peeking out from under the table. They’ll probably think you got murdered, so get ready for the screams and let me tell you, those are not conducive for a slumber-filled atmosphere.



  • McDougall Hall


Recommended by Erin, Nathan and Zach

McDougall Hall is a big building, so this was a bit of a vague recommendation. I decided on the space upstairs, walked straight to the end and turned right. It’s the very corner…the dark, secluded corner. At first, I had some doubts. I could hear a class raging on behind the door closest to me, which made sleeping difficult. In addition to that, the open concept of McDougall Hall allows you to hear pretty much everything that happens throughout the entire building. However, my skepticism soon melted away. By putting in headphones, one can easily create a noise equilibrium, making it easier to drift off. What’s more, the couch/chair hybrids that furnish Mcdougall Hall are long and come conveniently with pillows, allowing for the most bed like atmosphere of all. In fact, the secluded and sheltered area I was in almost made me feel like I was a house guest, taking a lovely afternoon siesta. McDougall Hall gets a 3 ½ stars for napping purposes.

If I’ve missed any perfect nap destinations, please let us know. Email me at