By: Elizabeth Iwunwa

Come away with me my love, in the dead of night

When the noise of the world has drifted away

From the heat that beats your brow and the things that keep you bound

From this place of endless tragedy, this valley of dry bones

From this place of broken dreams and abandoned promises

I see you drowning at sea, a sea of bitter waters, whose tides have claimed many before you

I bid you come to a land far away

A place unnamed, a place without a history, where we can rewrite ours

I know not what lies ahead

And all we have may be each other

But we are enough

Two souls yearning only for each other can bless the world with beauty

Say yes my love

Our new world waits to greet us with a gentle breeze

Turn your back on what you know and trust me with your heart

With your heart in my hand and my hand in yours, we will forge a path

And if you forget who you are along the way

Look into my eyes and see the sparkle that only you can give


“As with many things, it took my loved ones to show me that I had the gift of words and a duty to share it with the world. At the crux of every human endeavour is the search for love, and I write mostly about it because after all, we are products of it. I am currently working on a book called “Poem + Prayers” and slowly but surely it is coming together. My understanding of love stems from my faith, which is the ultimate expression of sacrifice and intimacy. Practising silence lets everything I have experienced and learned about life rise to the surface. It also gives me a chance to piece those things together and create something that can be felt deep down inside.”