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Meet Your Candidates: Senate Reps Fall 2015

By: Drew MacEachern and Via Reyes One of the more competitive races this election is the one for Senate Rep. Four candidates are fighting for two positions and all four of them seem to be running high profile campaigns. The... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Candidates: Arts Reps Fall 2015

By: Drew MacEachern and Via Reyes The SU Election Season will soon be over (on Wednesday technically), and in order to help you vote, we’ve done interviews with several different sets of candidates. Hopefully you can learn many useful things... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Fall General Election Underway!

By: Drew MacEachern The UPEI Student Union Fall General Election will be held on October 6th and 7th this year and will feature 21 students running for a variety of positions. Students will be able to vote for representatives within their constituencies; first... Continue Reading →

A Splash of Orange At Upstreet Brewery

By: Drew MacEachern NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair visited both the Upstreet Brewery and the Lobster on the Wharf restaurant in Charlottetown on Monday. Mulcair's arrival marks the final appearance of a federal party leader to PEI; Elizabeth May, Justin Trudeau... Continue Reading →

The Cadre Chats with Robert Ghiz (One More Time)

By: Drew MacEachern After attending Politics on Tap, the Cadre had the chance to sit down and chat with former Premier of PEI, Robert Ghiz. Robert Ghiz served as Leader of the Liberal Party of PEI from 2003 until his... Continue Reading →

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