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Candidates for Spring Election Revealed

By: Nathan Hood The candidates for the UPEISU’s spring election have been announced. Every executive race will be contested. For President, current Vice President Finance & Administration William McGuigan will face off against past presidential candidate and former arts representative... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Election sees Record Turnout, Nathan Hood Elected President

By: Drew MacEachern The following article recounts the UNOFFICIAL results of the election; the results will become OFFICIAL when approved by Council this Sunday After two weeks of campaigning, UPEI students finally saw their votes count at the finish of... Continue Reading →

The Ten Foot Pole – 2016 SU Presidential Candidates

The Ten Foot Pole was able to sit down with Emma McDermott and Nathan Hood, the two candidates for UPEISU President, discuss elements of their platforms. Voting takes place March 8th and 9th through your campus login

SU Elections – VP Student Life Candidates

By : Elizabeth Iwunwa and Taya Nabuurs There are currently three candidates for the position of Vice President Student Life; Kaylee Jabbour, Esomchukwu Obinna V. Jr, and Sam Ferguson. The Cadre was able to sit down with each and ask... Continue Reading →

UPEI Enters Election Season

If case you haven't noticed, the UPEISU is currently in the midst of an election campaign. It's time to see turn over with members of the Executive, as well as several council positions. This year there are contested elections for... Continue Reading →

Student Council Recap – Oct. 18th 2015

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa Call to Order The call to order was delayed by nine minutes as the councilors who were at the meeting for the first time after the fall election unofficial results were announced, were taken through Robert’s Rules.... Continue Reading →

Your Electoral Guide – The NDP Platform

By: Sarah Crosby On October 9th, the New Democratic Party released a 72-­page report, outlining the plans and promises they would put into action should they be elected on October 19th. It goes into great detail over all aspects of... Continue Reading →

Your Electoral Guide: The Liberal Platform

[As the special on-campus polls have just closed and the election nears, people are more than likely trying to decide at the last minute who to vote for. If you haven't voted yet, now that it is nearing the end... Continue Reading →

UPEI Part of Elections Canada Pilot Program

By: Fallon Mawhinney After one day of special balloting for the October 19th federal election, you’d have to work pretty hard to escape the barrage of posters, Facebook posts, and people hassling you while you’re drinking your morning coffee to head down to... Continue Reading →

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