If case you haven’t noticed, the UPEISU is currently in the midst of an election campaign. It’s time to see turn over with members of the Executive, as well as several council positions. This year there are contested elections for the positions of President, VP Student Life, Ombudsman, Valedictorian, and Science Rep. Students can vote online through their campus login on March 8th and 9th. Here is a full list of candidates. Expect more in-depth coverage as Election Day draws closer.


Nathan Hood

Emma McDermott


VP Academics and External

Johnathan Rix


VP Student Life

Esomchukwu Obinna V. Jr

Sam Ferguson

Kaylee Jabbour



Connor Mayhew

Hammad Ahmed


Board of Governors Rep

Michael Ferguson


Valedictorian (Afternoon)

Christopher Thompson

Bonnie MacLean

Tayte Willows


Business Rep

Mudhafar Mahmood Mudheher

Halen Sky Blaisdell


Science Rep

Joel Hansen

Sarah Muriel Outram

Matthew Stephen Coleman

Charlee Fry


Arts Rep

Megan Rix

Casey O’Sullivan



Nicole Mann


Nursing Rep

Robyn Soulsby