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Downtown Charlottetown Bubbling with Activity

By: Adi Vella Charlottetown as a city is seeing a wave of community engagement that has been adapted into the business models of local entrepreneurs. Local businesses run by enthusiastic and relatively ‘young’ individuals have created spaces throughout the city,... Continue Reading →

Theatre Review: Aladdin brings Holiday cheer to hearts and the stage

By Via Reyes I was invited to see the Confederation Centre's holiday production, Aladdin: Another Fairly Tall Tale, this past Friday and I could not have asked for a better way to spend a study break from finals. Following last year's holiday production of Cinderella,... Continue Reading →

Buddy Program Promotes Innovative App Crawl

By: Drew MacEachern Finding new ways to encourage active student participation is always a struggle for student societies and programs. For many, the pub crawl has become the go-to activities for societies to default to when they want to encourage... Continue Reading →

The Cadre Chats with NDP Candidate Joe Byrne

By: Taya Nabuurs Our last interview is with NDP candidate Joe Byrne. Byrne ran as the NDP candidate for Charlottetown during the last election in 2011, coming in third place with 25.08% of the vote. Before his career in politics,... Continue Reading →

The Cadre Chats with Green Candidate Becka Viau

By: Taya Nabuurs and Drew MacEachern Continuing in our series of candidate interviews is our chat with the Green Party candidate Becka Viau. She is a professional contemporary artist with two degrees from the Nova Scotia College of Art and... Continue Reading →

Fencegate: What’s the Issue with the Brown’s Court Fence?

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa On the twenty-ninth of August, residents of Brown’s Court and Queen Street were notified of the permanent closure of the gate connecting the two streets. The announcement read that the action was to take place in two... Continue Reading →

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