I am world renowned for being poor at introducing myself, as I’ve always struggled to find a balance between nonchalance and oversharing. Therefore, I shall attempt to avoid both of these extremes whilst acquainting myself to you the reader.

Hello! Hello! My fellow UPEI students, I am Adi Vella. I’m entering my final year at UPEI and I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Theatre. I am an international student from India and I moved to PEI four years ago. I must say, I find the summers here to be extraordinarily beautiful. The winters, on the other hand, take some serious getting used to. UPEI has been kind to me throughout my stay here in Canada, as it has presented me with many opportunities that have facilitated my growth as an individual and as a student.

I found it somewhat difficult to fit in during my early days at UPEI…because I was a shy kid; this is where my minor in Theatre has helped me. Looking back at the last four years, I can confidently say I would have been miserable if I hadn’t mustered up the courage to walk into my first audition with Vagabond Productions. Through Vagabond, I was introduced to a clan of amazing people with whom I have worked alongside to produce several theatre productions. Vagabond is why I study Theatre, and why I will continue to take part in Theatre for as long as I live.

Ever since my younger days, I’ve never missed an opportunity to torment my poor cousins with performances and readings of my works, most of which in retrospect are rather embarrassing. Over the years I have developed my communication skills which have made my work more tolerable (hurray!). I like to keep myself busy during the school year with extracurricular activities and volunteer work; I find staying busy is a good way of staying out of trouble. I am thrilled to be a Managing Editor at The Cadre this year, and I look forward to contributing content that you will hopefully find both beneficial and entertaining. I hope you all have the most rewarding school year!