By: Elizabeth Iwunwa

Last Friday, the UPEI community turned out to watch UPEI’s women basketball team take on their counterparts from the University of New Brunswick. Among those cheering our women on, was the UPEI branch of World University Service Canada (WUSC).

WUSC is a student university organization with its focus on global activism. One of their main programs involves sponsoring students living in refugee camps to allow the to study at Canadian universities. Every year, UPEI students contribute $14 to that purpose. As a result, 24 students have been sponsored and are now permanent residents of Canada.

The purpose of this event was to support the Panthers as well as refugees in war-torn areas. Fans at the game had the opportunity to create posters showing the many reasons why refugee support is important. The WUSC committee hopes that as people actually take the time to think about their own response to the refugee crisis, they will start more conversations and realize that there are concrete actions they can take to show their support.


Donning their green and white ensemble, the game kicked off with UPEI’s Jenna Mae making a basket in the first five minutes. A foul earned UPEI two extra points. Accepting the challenge, UNB’s Nicole LaFleur placed the ball in the basket. This carried on with our girls making sharp passes. The first 12-minute quarter ended with UPEI leading 15 to UNB’s 6 points.

The next quarter began with UNB’s Krystal Osburn netting a three-pointer. UPEI’s Jane McLaughlin and Karla Yepez responded within minutes of each other. Jenna Mae continued her good work in the second quarter by scoring a three-pointer. This was followed closely by another three-pointer by UNB’s Laura Kaye.

It seemed like it was raining three-pointers as UPEI’s Kiera Rigby netted another. The quarter ended with UPEI racking up 30 points and UNB  at 12 points less.

After halftime, UNB took it up a notch and brought some heat. More seats had filled up at this time. At the end of the third quarter, UNB was leading by two points as the score stood at 41 to 43.

The final set saw pressure amped up. UNB persevered and pushed the score by 9 more points. The Panthers mustered 5 extra points before the buzzer sounded.

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