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Farewell to The Wave?

UPEI's campus pub The Wave has been serving and entertaining students for over a decade. In recent years the SU has been talking about renovations, and there have been rumors of privatization. Unsure of what’s going on, The Cadre sat down... Continue Reading →

Stop Reading & Start Planting!

Put on your boots, grab a shovel and help continue the Confederation Forest planting on the Upton Farmland on Saturday, September 23. Everyone is invited and there is no charge for the event!  The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project, in... Continue Reading →

Come Out to the FREE Screening of Singing To Myself

  Last week, The Cadre interviewed Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson, the director and producer duo of ‘Singing To Myself’ to discuss the creation and inspiration behind their film. Singing to Myself is a story of an intimate and honest... Continue Reading →

UPEI Students Travel and Explore Italy

This past May, I traveled to Italy to participate in a UPEI religious studies course called “Rome: Christianity and Culture.” I, along with nine other students and two professors lived and studied in Rome, Italy for three weeks. This global... Continue Reading →

Answering Some Questions About the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization composed of student associations from across the country which advocates to the federal government on behalf of post-secondary students. At its core, CASA advocates for an accessible, affordable,... Continue Reading →

Take care of your finances, take care of yourself

With the school year just getting underway, university and college students like you are dealing with new financial responsibilities. From covering expenses to managing loans, you have some significant financial obligations to deal with—quite possibly, for the first time in... Continue Reading →

Nate Hood: Man, Myth, Managing Editor

One of my favorite jokes involves a man who had a pumpkin for a head. The man’s friend, knowing that the man’s head was not normally a pumpkin, asked him a question: “What happened to your head?” “You won’t believe... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Managing Editor- Iain Burhoe

One of my favourite moments in cinema is a scene from the movie The Nice Guys. Near the end of the film, Russell Crowe’s character is waiting outside with Ryan Gosling’s character. Crowe recounts a story about a friend of... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Managing Editor- Daniel Timen

Hey! My name is Daniel Timen, but I usually go by “Dan.” More than anything I'm known for my misinterpretation of sarcasm and utter love for music. When I’m not busy with work, university, or friends, I'm likely zoning out... Continue Reading →

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