It has come to the attention of The Cadre that there was a factual error in the October 29th Council Meeting Recap article published today, October 31st, 2017 at approximately 9:50 am.

The Cadre misinterpreted a motion passed by Senate. The Cadre mistakenly reported that UPEI had suspended admission of students into the Bachelor of Education and had discontinued the Human Resource Development program.

UPEI has not suspended admission to the BEd program. UPEI is still welcoming applications for BEd and BEd (francais langue seconde). UPEI has only suspended admission into the Bachelor of Education – Human Resource Development program (BEd-HRD). The BEd-HRD program will be discountinued.

The error has been corrected.

Our apologies for any confusion that this error may have caused.

The Cadre