That beautiful time of year, where each student rounds the final lap of the semester and gracefully glides to the finish line, has returned again. Just kidding. This is the time of year where each student makes a mad dash for the end while being pelted, shot at and trip wired until they arrive at their destination panting, limping, bleeding and with their brains oozing out their ears. Near the end of last semester, I asked for locations to review so I could weasel out the absolute best place to nap on campus. So, as we drag ourselves to the end of this semester, I thought I would do a similar article: Best Places to Cry on Campus…because, let’s face it, you’ll be needing that soon, if you don’t already do.


The Library Stacks: 2.75 Stars

The stacks are risky; it really depends on how confident a crier you are. You don’t run into too many people in the stacks; they’re mysterious, dark, and fairly creepy, however, the occasional dedicated reader, or couple looking to make out, will venture in. This leads directly to the possibility they will stumble upon your weeping, stressed self. It must be said, there’s no shame in crying at the best of times…and this is definitely not the best of times. Everyone will understand, but if you prefer to bare your burdens in absolute privacy, this location may not be for you. Another thing to take into consideration is the acoustical privacy. Since the stacks are part of the upstairs quiet section, soft, hushed sobs would be required; if not for your own dignity, do it for the other students studying and trying not to cry. Dear god, you could set off a chain reaction.


Any Gender Neutral Washroom on Campus: 90 Points

Lovely. Fantastic. Inspired. Probably one of the best locations on campus to cry, if not THE best. The single washroom format allows for ultimate privacy, which stalls just don’t offer. There’s a lock on the door providing security of mind, unlike the stacks, which means you can confidently open the floodgates and wash away all your stress and sorrow. Acoustically, flush the toilet a couple times and you’ll be covered. Ten points off for the possible smell.


Study Rooms in the Library: 7/10

Definitely, the next best options to the Gender Neutral Washrooms, the study room offers a certain amount of privacy, but more importantly convenience. I get it, you have three essays, five assignments, two exams, and your mom wants you to pick up potatoes on the way home. You don’t have time for a full out breakdown, and that’s okay! With a study room, you can cry WHILE you work! Each teardrop hitting your papers will only inspire you more to keep on keepin’ on. Only plot hole in this tragedy? If someone has the study room booked for the next hour, and you didn’t check, they will come upon you, weeping, working, and trembling with stress.


Student Affairs Counselling Offices: 100%

I take it back, Gender Neutral Washrooms are the second best location. Student Affairs offers free counseling to any registered student at UPEI from Monday-Friday, 9 am to 3 pm, year round. You do not need a referral and they will keep your information and case completely confidential. Willing to listen, and willing to talk, they understand completely the stressful life of a university student. Crying is okay to do, counseling is even more okay to go to.

Take care of yourself during this exam time.

By: Morin Mawhinney