By: Obinna Esomchukwu

This past weekend, Islanders marched to show solidarity with the Muslim community around the world. The walk commenced with a prayer outside Delta Hotel, after which people gradually processed on Queens to the Province House. According to the Guardian approximately 2, 000 people participated in the walk.

The march was a part of a nationwide campaign against Islamophobia and White Supremacy. It was also a resounding display of community by Islanders, who despite the freezing cold held up signs with messages of love and peace. The event culminated in front of the Province House with speeches, moments of silence, and prayer.

UPEI student, Hammad Ahmed spoke to the crowd and commended them for their love and support. Najam Chisti, the president of the Muslim Society of PEI condemned the terrorist attack on Muslims in Quebec and highlighted the need for love and tolerance in the world. Copper Institute representative, Josie Baker censured the currently pervasive political rhetoric of  Islamophobia and racism.

Josie went on to state that several immigration policies in Canada have racist and Islamophobic implications. She, therefore, demanded the revision of certain legislations on immigration, and religious practices. Omar Imtiaz, a representative of the National Council of Canadian Muslims was the concluding speaker, he criticized the rationale behind the current immigration ban in the U.S and urged Canada to take pride in its diversity.

Islanders have once again provided a beacon of hope amidst tides of divisiveness and disunity. As a community, we must continue to stand guard against the virulent spread of islamophobic ideas in our society.     

photo credits: The Guardian