By: Kayla Schut

There are times when all the stress gets to be too much, and all we want to do is absolutely NOTHING. There’s always that temptation to laze around and forget about all our responsibilities. Most days we just get up and got going, but there are other days where we just don’t.

I Didn’t

I didn’t pick up the phone when it rang at 8 a.m. because I knew it was too early for me to wake up.  If Tim Hortons was still serving breakfast, then it was too early for me to remove myself from between the sheets.

I didn’t comb my hair that morning because it was too mainstream and I wanted to be hipster, and maybe someday I would have dreadlocks.

Ring ring ring.

I didn’t answer.  Dontcha know I won’t pick up?

I didn’t care to pay attention to the pitter patter of rain hitting the roof of my house while I gazed at the stars on my ceiling.  (I needed to redecorate.)

“Eh kid, wanna do somethin’ with your life? Dontcha know you’re 23 and I’m tired of paying your damn bills?” mum yelled from the dining room. I didn’t want to move from my bed…. let alone be productive.

I could smell the cigarette hanging from her mouth combined with the scent left behind from unfinished beers and unwashed laundry and the unclean trailer. I didn’t open the bill on the counter from CIBC.

I didn’t charge my iPhone last night and my battery is only at 2%.

I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“Dontcha know if you leave your phone in your pants you can get cancer?” mum continued yelling as I walked out the door. I waited for the bus, but didn’t step on it when it pulled up to the stop.

I smiled and said sorry. He smiled and said the same.

I didn’t cross the road because I knew someone would make a joke about a chicken.


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