By: Morin Mawhinney

In a cage match, who would win out: Tim Horton’s or Mickey’s place? At this university, it seems as though Tim has already gotten Mickey in a headlock. Coffee lovers, take note. This is a crying shame, and now is your chance to step up and make a difference! Staff at the student-run coffee shop, Mickey’s Place, have already notice a decline in business since the Horton’s moved in next door. Why is that?

Well for starters, even though Mickey’s Place was in the Student Union Building long before Timmy’s, the fast food joint has the added benefit of familiarity. Everyone has their Tim’s order down to a science. Whether it’s a medium double double or a toasted bagel, when you rap off what you want like fire rhymes, you can be confident that the lovely Tim’s workers will produce basically the same thing every time. That security is comforting and nice, even though it might mean that, without fail, your coffee is too sugary and the butter on your bagel is more of a dipping sauce, smeared all over the wrapper. Well for goodness sakes you’re in university! Your mom can’t order for you anymore, so grow up, speak up, and try out somewhere new!

Secondly, and sadly, Mickey’s Place does not offer a wide variety of lattes, frappes, and iced coff­As. Personally speaking, I’ve recently been obsessed with the term “Freshman Fifteen,” and it seems that a large portion of those dangerously delicious drinks are made up of pure, Willy Wonka level sugar. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Timmy’s as much as the next Canadian, but that is just not something I need in my life; however, I have a friend who can barely go a day without her Ice Capp fix, so let’s say this: if you CAN get it at Mickey’s, go to Mickey’s! I promise that Tim Horton’s will not suffer the loss of revenue.

So why should you go to Mickey’s Place? Think of it as your daily good deed, your yearly quota of UPEI involvement, and your weekly step out of bounds . You don’t have to save the whales or donate all your possessions to charity. Of course, those are great things, but if you’re looking for a subtler way to help humanity, consider this: student jobs depend on Mickey’s, and Mickey’s depends on steady business. Then, to be involved, you don’t need to paint your entire body green and white or go to every student union event. Again, these are fantastic shows of spirit if you’re that dedicated to being a Panther, but in your daily life, why not contribute to the student union with the simple purchase of a cup of coffee? Finally, I know it can be scary to try out somewhere new, and maybe even have a human conversation with your barista, but, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing a day that scares you;” and yes, that can include specifying between dark roast and light.

Image from: Google