This is a recent press release from the UPEI Student Union. We are publishing this on request.


The University of Prince Edward Island Student Union (UPEISU) is pleased to announce the launch of the #OurUPEICommunity poster gallery. “Each poster features UPEI students and a quotation that aims to raise sexual assault awareness and prevention,” said UPEISU President, Dana Kenny, “and the quotations all include the hashtag, #OurUPEICommunity.” Kenny is hopeful that the hashtag and the diverse representation of students who wanted to be a part of the posters will demonstrate that this is an issue that requires acknowledgment and participation from the whole community if it is to be properly addressed.

The gallery has been set up in 3 high traffic areas across campus, including the student centre, the library, and the dining hall. Women’s Network PEI revised the posters to ensure they were appropriate and effective. “We were very pleased to have their help during the process,” said Kenny “and we are even more pleased to be teaming up with both Women’s Network PEI and UPEI Student Affairs to provide and promote workshops such as Bringing in the Bystander  and How to not be That Guy.” These free workshops provide training and certification to students that will help them to identify when and how to be effective bystanders in situations which could potentially lead to sexual assault.

The workshops, hashtag, and collaborative work between the university and the student union is an ongoing effort to address the unfortunate reality of sexual assault.  “We are proud to be working alongside the Student Union on this initiative” remarked Treena Smith, Manager of UPEI Student Affairs, “the education and safety of our students is paramount at UPEI and we are pleased to be providing programming around this.” Together the UPEI and the UPEISU continue to develop and improve processes and mechanisms already in place to help facilitate a healthier and safer community.


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Dana Kenny