Image Courtesy of The Cadre

By: Drew MacEachern

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Cadre, UPEI’s Student newspaper!

I guess I should briefly introduce myself. My name is Drew MacEachern, a 4th-year Political Science student, and this year’s Editor-in-Chief of the Cadre. For those of you who don’t know what the Cadre is, I am first of all shocked that you managed to find this website. Secondly, I’m more than happy to explain. We are UPEI’s online newspaper. You can find us on our website (which you should be on if you’re reading this), but we also post links to Facebook and Twitter, so like and follow us.

Who is the Cadre? I could be very cheesy, say “the Cadre is everyone” and leave it at that. However, maybe I took too many philosophy classes, but I feel I need to justify my statement. While the Cadre does have a staff of an Editor-in-Chief and five other Managing Editors, the Cadre depends upon a group of interested student volunteers to keep it vibrant and relevant. Anyone can volunteer an article for the Cadre. You can come out to one of our volunteer meetings and sign up for a story we need reporting, or you can just tell us what you’d be interested in writing about. We also love original submissions, so if you think something might be interesting, send a draft our way for consideration. Our first volunteer meeting will be Tuesday, the 15th from 4-5pm in the Cadre office, located on the second floor of the Murphy Centre, near the Student Union offices. I’d encourage any and everyone interested to come out and meet us.

What can you expect from us? In general, you can expect us to keep you updated on news happening on-campus, from Student Union activities, to changes around UPEI. We also want to encourage student opinion and debate with various opinion pieces and Letters from the Editor. While On-Campus and Opinion will be our main focus for content this year, that’s not all we do. We also post articles about off-campus news (which makes this election extra exciting), arts and entertainment and the UPEI Sports scene. We are also branching off into digital multimedia this year. You can expect to see us uploading videos to Youtube, as well as producing our own student debate podcast, “The Ten-Foot Pole”. Why that name? Because we hope to debate topics most other people wouldn’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole.

I am very excited for the Cadre to make a mark on campus this year and I hope you all can join the Cadre team along for the ride.

If you have questions, send me an email at drew@thecadre.ca/