Image Courtesy of Via Reyes

By: Daniel Brown

Hello, my name is Daniel Brown.

I originally hail from a small community up west called Bayside, where I was raised by loving parents Matthew and Treva alongside my five sisters and three brothers. There, I was homeschooled for grades one to six, and did grades seven to twelve in “the system.” After moving to Charlottetown and taking a year off, I now find myself in my second year of studying towards a degree in Journalism.

Some things that I really dig: Longboarding, frisbee-throwing, word-writing, comic book reading (Marvel, primarily), video game-playing (PC/Wii U), coffee-consuming, and Catholicism-practicing.

To make sure that I don’t come off as lame and unexciting, I’ll share a story of a cool thing I did recently. Back in late May of ‘15, myself and some fellow islanders embarked on El Camino de Santiago, an 800km backpacking trek across northern Spain. The walking itself took 31 days, and it was a challenging adventure that involved meeting amazing people from around the world, adapting to whatever life decided to throw at me, and needless to say, ridiculously monotonous walking. Being back at school after this experience will be interesting, as I definitely took a lot out of it.

This year I will be the Sports Editor for the UPEI Cadre. The basic premise behind this is that anytime sports are played at UPEI, I will know about it, and I will make sure that you know about it, to. I will also be focusing on expanding the Cadre’s multimedia output, as well as producing the exclusive up and coming Cadre podcast, “The Ten-Foot Pole.” You can contact me regarding any of this at – djbrown@upei.ca.

I’m really looking forward to this next year becau-

Suddenly, in an explosion of light, a 1985 era automobile crashed through Daniel’s front door. Unsettled, Daniel stopped writing his lame and unexciting bio and ventured over. There, recovering from the incident, he discovered none other than the mad scientist whom he had befriended long ago.

Amidst a cloud of smoke, the traveller made his intentions clear, “Daniel! You’ve gotta come back with me!”

“Where!?” Daniel inquired.

“Back… to the future!”

“Whoa, wait a minute, Doc. What are you talking about? What happens to me in the future? What, do I lose my job as Managing Editor at the Cadre or something?”

“No, no, no, no, no, Daniel. It’s your kids! Something’s gotta be done about your kids!”

Knowing now what was at stake, Daniel determined to leave his lame and unexciting bio behind for the sake of his future kin. He hopped into the passenger seat of the vehicle, booted up the time circuits, and shared a mischievous grin with his comrade as they shot off into the great unknown.

Meanwhile, Cadre Editor-In-Chief Drew MacEachern stood nearby, having witnessed the entire scene. Shaking his fists in the air, he exclaimed,“You’ll pay for this, Brown! You and your time travelling antics!”