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Council Recap: February 5th, 2017

By: Morin Mawhinney February 5th, 2017’s Student Council Meeting began with a call to order, approval of agenda, and approval of the minutes from the January 22, 2017’s meeting. Each executive council member submitted their report, starting with Student Body... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Feedback Session: “Kids These Days” Recap

By: Via Reyes For the UPEISU's traditional information feedback session, the Academic and External Affairs Committee and the Advocacy Team worked hard to organize the "Kids These Days" event, which included a panel discussion in an effort to start a discussion regarding the... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Council Meeting – March 13th 2016

By: Fallon Mawhinney The UPEI Student Union meeting on March 13 began with reports from all executives. President Dana Kenny described several points, since he and Vice President Academic and External (VPAX) Johnathan Rix were not present at the last... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Election sees Record Turnout, Nathan Hood Elected President

By: Drew MacEachern The following article recounts the UNOFFICIAL results of the election; the results will become OFFICIAL when approved by Council this Sunday After two weeks of campaigning, UPEI students finally saw their votes count at the finish of... Continue Reading →

The Ten Foot Pole – 2016 SU Presidential Candidates

The Ten Foot Pole was able to sit down with Emma McDermott and Nathan Hood, the two candidates for UPEISU President, discuss elements of their platforms. Voting takes place March 8th and 9th through your campus login

SU Elections – VP Student Life Candidates

By : Elizabeth Iwunwa and Taya Nabuurs There are currently three candidates for the position of Vice President Student Life; Kaylee Jabbour, Esomchukwu Obinna V. Jr, and Sam Ferguson. The Cadre was able to sit down with each and ask... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Council Recap – Feb. 28th 2016

By: Fallon Mawhinney The UPEI Student Union meeting for February 28 proved to be brief and unusually focused on hypothetical rapper names. First, Bob Deziel opened the meeting with last meeting’s minutes and this meeting’s agenda. After the motion to... Continue Reading →

The Ten Foot Pole – International Student Issues

International Students comprise roughly 20% of the University's population, and has been growing steadily for the past few years. However, international students face a variety of unique challenges and experiences. Here to talk about issues regarding campus integration, Student Union... Continue Reading →

Candidate Interviews: SU President

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa The SU elections are this week, which means that students have some important decisions to make. To help with that process, the Cadre reached out to both Presidential candidates; VPSL Nathan Hood and Science Rep Emma McDermott.... Continue Reading →

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