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“Contributing to the Betterment of Our Communities”

The Baha’i faith has recently celebrated the bicentenary of the birth of its founder Bahá’u’lláh. Although it is a relatively younger faith tradition compared to its peers, Baha’ism has spirited followers all over the world. Baha’ism as a faith is... Continue Reading →

UPEI Student Entrepreneurs Talk Business with The Cadre  

  The Cadre met with UPEI business students Evan Hawley, the founder of Odyssey Virtual and co-founder Michael Thompson to chat about their entrepreneurial venture. The Cadre: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Hawley: “I moved to UPEI and... Continue Reading →

October 29th Council Meeting Recap

The UPEISU Council met on October 29th for their fourth regularly scheduled meeting of the semester. The meeting saw prolonged discussion on executive evaluations (which occupied half of the meeting time), as well as motions on rape culture, land acknowledgments,... Continue Reading →

UPEI Expecting to Charge for Printing Again on November 1st

If you’ve printed anything at UPEI this year, you might have noticed that it didn’t cost you anything. Well, it hasn’t always been free, and it won’t be free for much longer. UPEI used to charge ten cents per page... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Presents Policy Priorities to the Province

Vice President Academic and External Taya Nabuurs and Policy and Research Coordinator Colin Trewin presented the UPEISU’s policy priorities to the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island’s Standing Committee on Education and Economic Development on October 18th. The first policy... Continue Reading →

Silent March, Loud Statement

By: Obinna Esomchukwu This past weekend, Islanders marched to show solidarity with the Muslim community around the world. The walk commenced with a prayer outside Delta Hotel, after which people gradually processed on Queens to the Province House. According to... Continue Reading →

Democratic Renewal 2.0: Window of Opportunity

By: Lucy Morkunas Once upon a time in England, the Liberal party regularly formed majority governments.  During the last Liberal government from 1916-22, Liberal MP's had five opportunities to support a proportional type of electoral system called PR-STV.  Half consistently voted... Continue Reading →

On Prince Edward Island’s Abortion Policy

By: Taya Nabuurs Prince Edward Island is currently the only province in Canada that does not provide surgical abortions. Women seeking such a procedure are required to travel off-Island to either Moncton or Halifax. The cost for the procedure itself... Continue Reading →

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