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Council Recap – Jan. 24th 2016

By: Drew MacEachern Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 6:01pm. Before the agenda for the meeting was approved. VPSL (Student Life) Nathan Hood moved a motion to add new society ratifications to the agenda. President Dana... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Reps – Senate Rep Owen Shaw

By: Jing Zhao Owen Shaw is one of your Senate Representatives on the Senate of the University of Prince Edward Island. There are three Senate Representatives, namely Zak Jarvis, Stephen Wilfeard, and Owen Shaw. The UPEI Senate performs an important... Continue Reading →

Council Recap – Jan. 10th 2016

By: Drew MacEachern Call to Order The first council meeting of 2016 was called to order at 6:00pm. This was quickly followed by an approval of the agenda and minutes from the previous council meeting. President Dana Kenny added a... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Reps – Accessibility Rep Kaylee Blackett

By: Drew MacEachern For many students, the most visible members of the Student Union are the Executive. However, they do not act alone. Most of the Executive's work is done in relation to the SU Council. Despite this, the Council;... Continue Reading →

SU Council Recap – Nov. 1st 2015

By: Drew MacEachern and Brenna Doucette At 6:02pm, the Student Union Council meeting was called to order by Chair Bob Deziel. VP Academic & External, John Rix, made a motion to amend the evening’s agenda to include discussion on an... Continue Reading →

Student Council Recap – Oct. 18th 2015

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa Call to Order The call to order was delayed by nine minutes as the councilors who were at the meeting for the first time after the fall election unofficial results were announced, were taken through Robert’s Rules.... Continue Reading →

Council Recap – September 27th 2015

By: Drew MacEachern Call to Order The call to order was delayed 5 minutes to allow for both Council members and candidates to get their pictures taken for profiles and then opened at 6:05pm. President Dana Kenny added a new... Continue Reading →

VP Comm Position’s Days Possibly Numbered – Special Council Recap Sept. 20th 2015

By: Drew MacEachern As was mentioned at the last council meeting, a special sitting of the UPEI Student Council was organized for Sunday, Sept. 20th to approve a referendum question, to be voted on by the entire student body, to... Continue Reading →

Student Council Recap – Sept. 13th 2015

By: Drew MacEachern UPEI’s Student Council met for the first time this year last Sunday evening. The meeting started a little before six and began with an overview of technical issues led by Chair of Council Bob Deziel. These focused... Continue Reading →

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