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Council Recap – September 27th 2015

By: Drew MacEachern Call to Order The call to order was delayed 5 minutes to allow for both Council members and candidates to get their pictures taken for profiles and then opened at 6:05pm. President Dana Kenny added a new... Continue Reading →

VP Comm Position’s Days Possibly Numbered – Special Council Recap Sept. 20th 2015

By: Drew MacEachern As was mentioned at the last council meeting, a special sitting of the UPEI Student Council was organized for Sunday, Sept. 20th to approve a referendum question, to be voted on by the entire student body, to... Continue Reading →

Student Council Recap – Sept. 13th 2015

By: Drew MacEachern UPEI’s Student Council met for the first time this year last Sunday evening. The meeting started a little before six and began with an overview of technical issues led by Chair of Council Bob Deziel. These focused... Continue Reading →

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