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Feature Friday: Singularity

By: Enesi Majebi   Oga /ɒgah/: A slang term meaning Boss I'd once been asked to describe the streets of Lagos, the man had been a tourist from the North, I could tell from his accent and his relaxed demeanour.... Continue Reading →

What Is On Top of the Bookstore?

Written By: Esomchukwu Obinna Photo from: UPEI Campus Life (facebook page) Student support services have become an integral part of today’s education. Like many schools in Canada, UPEI offers an array of services and support resources for students. From career... Continue Reading →

Cue & A with Ramzoid

By: Lorelei Kenny TC: When did you start producing music and are you based out of PEI? RAMZOID: Ya, I am based out of the island, and I currently have no plans to change that either! I’ve been producing electronic music... Continue Reading →

The Cadre Recommends: Best Places To Dine On A Dime in Charlottetown

By: Zach Geldert Have you eaten Kraft Dinner for your past 7 meals? Are you tired of Mr. Noodles? Does that Michelina’s ‘dinner’ sitting in your freezer make you want to puke? If you have answered yes to any (or... Continue Reading →

There’s Nothing To Do On PEI- what’s local, what’s happening

  By: Lorelei Kenny I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “there’s nothing to do on PEI”. Goodness, it drives me nuts! There are plenty of things going on in Charlottetown and across the island, many... Continue Reading →

Who’s Your Fahder? Vol. 2

By: Connor Mycroft The saying “who's yer fahder?” is well known to anyone who has spent even the slightest amount of time on PEI. It provides a reference point for new acquaintances. It can be a conversation starter (or ender).... Continue Reading →

A Classic Show: Little Shop of Horrors

By: Rob Thomson Here’s a Halloween treat for the Island: Little Shop of Horrors plays over the end-of-October weekend, staged by ACT (a community theater) in the grand new Florence Simmons Performance Hall. This is the story — told with music and action-drama... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday: “Raindrops”

By: Hazel T Every time it rains, I think about you The first day I met you and the day I hugged you goodbye How much I wanted and needed to say but couldn’t How I cried and  felt my... Continue Reading →

How Telling Your Dog to Sit Down Could Kill Him – Charlottetown’s very own Stabbing Joy

By: Lorelei Kenny From the left to right: Alex Casey (Lead guitar), Justice Jones (Vocals and rhythm), Luke Pound (Drums) and Isaiah Jabbour (Bass)   It’s been little over a year since Charlottetown-based band, Stabbing Joy formed. After the band’s... Continue Reading →

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