By: Nathan Hood

The UPEISU Council held an extraordinary meeting to discuss the dates for a presidential byelection and to approve the recommendation of a hiring board.

Byelection Dates

The primary order of business was to approve the dates for a byelection to fill the vacant president position. Vice President Academic & External Taya Nabuurs will continue to serve as acting president until the results of the byelection have been approved. Nabuurs recommended a gap between the close of voting and the approval of election results because it would allow for a transition to be provided to the successful candidate and would save the new president from having to attend a UPEI Board of Governors meeting on one of their first days in office.

Council approved the following byelection dates:

  • Advertising Period: Wednesday, January 10th until Thursday, January 11th
  • Nomination Period: Friday, January 12th until Tuesday, January 16th
  • Campaign Period: Wednesday, January 17th until Monday, January 22nd
  • Voting Period: Tuesday, January 23rd until Wednesday, January 24th
  • Council Votes to Approve Elections Results: January 28th

Other Business

Council approved the recommendation of the deputy chair hiring board. The position had been vacated when Shikha Choollun, the previous deputy chair, resigned over the holiday break.

Council also moved in-camera for a discussion which lasted approximately seven minutes. The purpose of this discussion was not disclosed.