By: Zach Geldert

Watching the United States presidential debate is like watching a couple lions wrestle. Sure it is interesting and intriguing entertainment but in the end, it is a pointless game that accomplishes nothing. Mr. Trump incessantly cut Mrs. Clinton off, arguing useless points that always seemed to go right back to the business empire that he has built (on the backs of minimum wage workers). Mrs. Clinton did an admirable job of ignoring these continued attacks, however, that is about all that she did well. Both candidates merely pandered to the middle-ground, undecided American voters when they were not personally attacking the other person. There were no actionable policies identified.

The issues, such as the racial division in America, quickly devolved unnaturally to gun-control issues. Mr. Holt, the moderator, had to remind the candidates what the debate topic was twice! No one suggested how to actually fix the problem other than ‘more training’ for police. What kind of training will be offered? How will they actually stop racial profiling of young black American men? I acknowledge that the race issue in America is systemic and a whole room of academics and politicians could debate varying ways to fix the problem and still not to come to a general consensus.

Nonetheless, in a debate that was supposed to be centered around policy and what the candidates will actually do, there was no comment on how they would attempt to fix the race issue. Therefore, I kindly invite any and all Americans from all walks of life to come to Canada.

In Canada we have everything that America has and then some. We have beautiful land. Do you like rocky coasts, sandy beaches, bustling cities, untouched forests, jagged mountain-scapes, or rolling plains? Whichever one you choose we have them all. We are the most educated country in the world! We have a judiciary branch that independently represent the interests and freedoms of Canadians.

We are non-discriminatory in welcoming every race from around the world that adds to the lustrous diversity in our country. For example, we welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees and are still welcoming more. I am sure all Canadians would love to welcome some of our American neighbours. Our government is a multi-party system that affords every Canadian the opportunity to have their values accurately represented, rather than voting for someone to avoid an even worse candidate.

But, you might say, what happens if I break my leg running off the plane to this beautiful country? Do not fear, we have you covered with country-wide healthcare available to all residents of Canada! Now you do not have to re-mortgage your home in order to receive the healthcare that every person deserves. What is not to love about Canada? We are not bullies, we are welcoming, and if we accidentally cut you off you can bet that a vehement, full-hearted apology is forthcoming.

Please, come to Canada and avoid the buffoonery of the American presidential election. By the time our next election rolls around there is a strong chance that you, disenchanted American friends, can be a Canadian citizen with the right to vote in an election in which up to 5 candidates will civilly debate real topics instead of repeatedly bashing each other while deflecting the issues. Below I have included some helpful links for any American considering moving to Canada. We will be happily awaiting your arrival ☺.


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