By: Lorelei Kenny

The release of the new Paper Lions’ album has been greatly anticipated by fans. Different from previous albums, “Full Colour is not just instrumentation, it’s more synthesized. It’s a grander production than a four piece rock ensemble.” says guitarist Colin. “The name, Full Colour describes the overall attitude of the album.” adds drummer David. The title captures the essence of the album. It’s vibe is much more playful and poppy than previous albums, with upbeat catchy jams like “Believer” “Call Back” and “Don’t Wanna Dance”. At the same time, there are some tracks that are more mellow and relaxing, like “Born to Rule” and “End of July” that are full of sweet harmonies and echoing vocals. Overall, the album is more complex than previous albums, with more parts and layers. For instance, there’s couple horn features on the album, including a solid saxophone solo in “End of July”, something never seen before on a Paper Lion’s album.

In the past the band put a lot of limits on themselves, pushing themselves into a corner stylistically. This time, however, they made the decision to let nothing hold them back. Instead of hesitating, they dove into the unknown, learning through trial and error what worked and what didn’t. They have gone from a heavier rock feel as seen in Trophies (2010), to a lighter indie rock sound in My Friend (2013), and now, to a poppy electronic vibe in Full Colour (2016). It’s evident that the band’s sound has transformed over the years, but Full Colour is definitely the biggest leap yet for the band. Needless to say, the countless hours spent experimenting, practising, and ultimately not letting anything hold them back has paid off.

All of their albums are worth checking out. The the best way to experience their music and any music for that matter is to experience it live. Being an avid concert goer, I can vouch for that. The energy of the crowd at a concert is so joyful and vibrant, because everyone is there for the same reason, they love the music. At a concert, you see music being made right in front of your eyes, it fills your ears, you can feel the music beating through your body. THIS FRIDAY you have the opportunity to experience this exhilarating feeling and engage with Paper Lions. On September 30th (Friday), Paper Lions will take the stage at 7pm sharp at the Prince Edward Convention Centre in the Delta, in Charlottetown.

The band says this concert is going to be the biggest and most sophisticated show they’ve ever produced. The band’s been working on creating a full blown imaginative production and that’s what the super show is going to be. Without revealing too many details, the band told us about their epic setup for the show. They have ordered custom lighting, they have created colourful visual projections, and they have booked a stage equipped with a catwalk. More than ever before their  show will be timed down to the second, with lighting, visuals, vocal and musical cues all synced together. Paper Lions are going all out, you don’t want to miss it!

Ticket sales are going really well, so head  on over  to the front desk of  the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre on campus and grab a ticket (20$) before they sell out! . In case you want to purchase merchandise at the concert (CDs, vinyl, and T-shirts) remember to have some cash on you. and  if you want to get to know the music before you go to the concert so you can “jam out” with your friends, Paper Lions’ entire discography is available on iTunes and Spotify, and you can also grab physical copies of Full Colour and other albums at Back Alley Music on Great George Street and Green Eye Designs on Victoria Row.

A huge thank-you to David Cyrus MacDonald and Colin Buchanan for taking time out of their extremely busy schedules and allowing The Cadre to come to their studio for a chat!

Hope to see all you Panthers at this once in a lifetime show on September  30th!