by: Jing Zhao

On March 4th and 5th 2016, this coming Friday and Saturday, the UPEI Robertson Library and the UPEI English Society will co-host a book sale.

The two-day sale is scheduled to begin on  Friday from noon to 6pm, and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. (The storm date is the following weekend, at the same time). The location is in Robertson Library, Room 302/303 (upper level). The price for books varies. For hardcover books its $2.00, the large paperbacks-$1.00, the small paperbacks-$ .25. At 1pm on Saturday, a special sale will take place where for $2.00 one can get a box or bag of books. Book sale tickets provide a chance to win signed copies of works by local UPEI authors; Deirdre Kessler, Richard Lemm, Brent MacLaine, and Shannon Murray. All items require cash payments.

The UPEI book sale has been a regular event for the past few years. This book sale is organized by both Robertson library and the UPEI English Society. Many volunteers in the UPEI English Society have been volunteering to classify different books and arrange books to book sale place. Within almost one month’s hard work, the book sale is ready to go and for ready for everyone to buy favorite books.

The book on sale cover diverse topics, such as psychology, music, geography, cook book, children’s book, history, fictions, sports, science and so on. During the sale, customers are welcome to browse through the options.

The book sale’s Coordinator Sarah Fisher, says that the aim of the book sale is to give more benefit to students. All books in the book sale are either donation or are there because there are multiple copies in library. Through book sale, UPEI Robertson Library will have more open shelf space to put new books, and students will have more study space, more study rooms.

Fisher also explained that the money made by book sale will partly support the UPEI English Society, partly for Robertson library, and also for PEI Literacy Alliance.

Welcome to UPEI book sale on this coming Friday and Saturday. Pick some books in low price. For more detailed information, you can search on Robertson library website: or follow the Facebook page.