By: Drew MacEachern

Call to Order

The meeting this week was called to order at the unusually early time of 5:05pm, to accommodate for the Superbowl. The agenda and minutes from the previous meeting were quickly approved with no additions.


If the timing was unusual, the course of the meeting followed its regularly scheduled program by swiftly moving into Executive Reports. President Dana Kenny’s report covered the development of the SU’s Outreach Week and encouraged all councilors to volunteer. He also noted that they were able to get $1000 from alumni donations for mental health services. He also spoke favourably of a presentation given by the Director of Communications to the Executive about the plans for a new website, which could become a reality in a few months.

He was followed by Vice President Academic and External John Rix. Rix’s report mentioned that most of his time was taken up with developing CASA policy surrounding youth unemployment, implementing Truth and Reconciliation Committee recommendations for post-secondary education. Rix has also been working with the Policy and Research Coordinator Owen Shaw to provide. Divestment will be included in a topic in the upcoming policy consultations to get feedback from the student body.

Vice President Finance Zach Tweel visited the Campus Trust AGM where he serves as a board member. There was also a meeting of the Funding Committee which approved some new funding requests.

Finally VP Student Life Nathan Hood’s report covered his meeting with Christian Lacroix to discuss the Buddy Program Transition. He also noted that the Diamond Award nominations, his new student award program for participation, are now up, and will end this Friday. This week is also Sex Week for the SU and will see various events, including Love Pub, throughout the Week. Sand has also been ordered for Beach Blast

Senate will meet Friday while the Board of Governors met on Thursday. Councillor Pierce Smith gave some highlights from the BoG meeting. Several members of the Board were able to take a tour of the Engineering Building, which is progressing. According to the President’s Report, applications are up while expected student enrollment is down. There will be about a 1000 new international students, with the top three countries being China, the US, and Nigeria. The University is also trying to develop a transparency policy to cover. The bargaining for the new collective bargaining agreement on behalf of the faculty began on February fourth.

The Dean of the Veterinary College made a presentation to the Board of Governors to ask to increase the tuition for international vet students by 22%, due to the effects of the decreased Canadian dollar and declining enrollment. The Board voted to approve the measure, although Smith noted that himself and Kenny voted against the measure. President Kenny clarified that this increase would only apply to future students, not currently enrolled students.


The impeachment proceedings against Business Rep Kamran Omar brought forward at the end of last meeting. Omar original decided to appeal his impeachment, but upon being told of the process, including a presentation to Council, decided to not appeal. This makes his impeachment automatic.

Resignation Report

Following from the motion made last meeting, a physical copy of the Ombudsman’s Report to Council was made available. There were no questions.

Election By-law Vote

Chair Bob Deziel then brought up the changes to the Election By-law which Council has been looking at for the previous few meetings. These surrounded Council’s ability to appoint people to council positions. Councillor Stultz made a motion to approve the motion to which VPAX John Rix proposed an amendment to include that these changes would not come into effect until May 1st 2016. This was approved and the motion was passed.

Society Ratification

VPSL Nathan Hood then presented. These clubs included the African Society, Pre-Law Society, and the Young Liberals of UPEI. Several AVC clubs which could not be ratified at the previous meeting were now ratified, including the Exotics/Lab Animal Wildlife Club, AVC Health club, and the AVC Christian Veterinary Fellowship.

New Business and Adjournment.

Kenny reiterated his desire for councillors. VPs Rix and Tweel then explained their abstentions for society ratifications. Councillor Halen Sky and the rest of council also rickrolled Chair Deziel with Never Gonna Give Up as part of a promotion for a Valentine’s . Councillor Tu also recognized Chinese New Year. There was much applause. VPAX Rix ended the madness by making a motion to adjourn. Council was adjourned at 5:43pm.