Image courtesy of Taya Nabuurs
Image courtesy of Taya Nabuurs

By: Taya Nabuurs

A big hello to all my fellow UPEI students as we begin another exciting year here on campus, and an especially warm welcome to all of our new students. My name is Taya and I am your new Off-Campus Managing Editor, which means I’ll be covering a wide variety of international, national, and local stories. I just began my second year of studies at our wonderful university, majoring in Political Sciences with a minor in French, and I am most often found at the campus library drowning myself in coffee and/or falling asleep sitting up. Although I practically live in the library, I sometimes spend time at my home in Stratford, where I grew up with my parents, two brothers, my dog, multiple rabbits, and pet stickbugs (and some pet rocks too; I was a weird kid).

I graduated from Charlottetown Rural High School in 2013 and took the preceding year off school to take the opportunity to travel while doing some work as a model in Toronto, New York, and London. A true nerd at heart, I was anxious to get back to school and so started here at UPEI last year. Although I haven’t regretted my decision to quit modelling and go back to school, I dearly miss travelling and so I hope to do an exchange next year to cure my travel bug and get some credits in another country at the same time.

Besides travelling, my main interests involve consuming copious amounts of coffee, attempting classical pieces on the piano, reading dusty old books, and staring at maps. My taste in music is fairly eclectic, but some of my favourite artists include Amy Winehouse, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Arctic Monkeys. I will never turn down an opportunity for a spontaneous dance party or a beer, and I love cats even though I consider myself a dog person.

My favourite TV shows are Downton Abbey and Sherlock. I’m a huge book lover as well, and have a habit of re-reading my favourites over and over (I’ve read the entire Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series roughly eight times). I love making new friends, so if you see me around campus, be sure to say hello! Best of luck in all of your scholarly adventures this year.


Taya Nabuurs