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Guys Talking About Things: Sex Week Edition

We know this is late to the party, as we are well past sex week, but we thought we would still bring to you this segment of People Talking About Things. As part of sex week, the Cadre asked readers to... Continue Reading →

Vagabond Productions Presents: Romeo and Juliet

Created by Dr. Greg Doran back in 2005, Vagabond Productions is the company for UPEI's Theatre Studies Program, which highlights the work of the students in the program. Every year, Vagabond Productions puts on a show and this year, the company is taking... Continue Reading →

Things I Learned from Being an RLA

By: Via Reyes I lived on campus for the first two years of my UPEI undergrad and I can proudly say it was a couple of the best years of my life. Even though it felt like butterflies were going... Continue Reading →

Artist Feature: Laurent Bourque

By: Via Reyes Before I could even get a word in, singer-songwriter Laurent Bourque introduces himself and promptly asks me what my job is as I sidled into the booth after Nathan Hood (VPSL), breathless and still in my coat.... Continue Reading →

UPEI Writing Centre Showcases New Location at Open House

The Cadre recently had the opportunity of speaking to the UPEI Writing Centre coordinator, Robin Sutherland and assistant Mark Currie, to talk about the Writing Centre's upcoming open house on Tuesday, January 19. The Writing Centre moved to a new and... Continue Reading →

Theatre Review: Aladdin brings Holiday cheer to hearts and the stage

By Via Reyes I was invited to see the Confederation Centre's holiday production, Aladdin: Another Fairly Tall Tale, this past Friday and I could not have asked for a better way to spend a study break from finals. Following last year's holiday production of Cinderella,... Continue Reading →

Artist Feature: Racoon Bandit

By Via Reyes Racoon Bandit is nearing the end of their tour with one of their final shows being right here in Charlottetown. I had the privilege of chatting with band member Fraser McCallum over the phone after one of their rehearsals, about their tour, their... Continue Reading →

Call for Submissions Released for UPEI Arts Review

By Via Reyes The UPEI Writing Centre has recently released the official call for submissions for the UPEI Arts Review, an annual journal that showcases students' best works. I got the chance to sit down with Chris Thompson, 4th Year Honours English... Continue Reading →

SU Exec Profiles: Dana Kenny

And last but definitely not the least, to conclude The Cadre's Exec Profile series we present to you Dana Kenny, your UPEI Student Union President! We at the Cadre hope you know a little more about your student union executives and what they do... Continue Reading →

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