By: Via Reyes

Before I could even get a word in, singer-songwriter Laurent Bourque introduces himself and promptly asks me what my job is as I sidled into the booth after Nathan Hood (VPSL), breathless and still in my coat. “I’m the Arts and Entertainment Managing Editor,” I answer. “For the school newspaper.” I explain to him that I undertake the special task to meet artists and chat with them, both local and those passing through, which are experiences that are a little harder to get at home. He then asked me about my home, Manila, and how I ended up here on the island, which led to a discussion about how great Prince Edward Island is and all the places we have all been, which then led us to talking about his travels on tour. Borque has toured around Ontario mostly. Other places he has toured so far would be Quebec, the East Coast, the North East Coast of the United States, and has even had tour dates in Europe. “It’s difficult travelling all the time, but it definitely has its perks,” Borque adds.

We then move on to talk about the processes he undergoes for creating his music. “Pieces of Your Past,” his latest album and the one he is currently touring, took on a different production process than his debut album. Aside from working with a producer, Borque says that the entire album was recorded live. Everything, from the instruments and vocals, were all played together and recorded. They finished recording the album at the end of the day, with Borque expecting some redoing after, but that day’s work became the finished product. “It was sort of weird, but it was awesome,” Borque adds. As for his creative process, he says it is a constant process. Music and lyrics are always being written down. He says he will sit and down and play for a while, and just sees what comes out of that. From these sessions, he would use these “building blocks” to form a song. “You have to be there to catch a song when it jumps out at you,” Borque says.

When I asked him how he would describe his music for people who have not heard it yet, Borque says that it might be easier to say who he has been compared to, which would be artists like City and Colour and David Gray. He says his music is comprised of honest songs. “Mostly love songs,’ Borque adds. His lyrics tell of break up stories and make up stories; stories of love and life. On his website, it even says that his debut album “What We Talk About” made his ex-girlfriend cry, which he calls a big win for him.

We went on to discuss the kind of music Borque listens to and the artists who have inspired his music and who have inspired him as an individual. “There’s a lot,” Borque says. “I listen to everything.” He talks about how he grew up on 90s rock, with bands like Smashing Pumpkins, but he has a love for all kinds of music. “The song I had on a loop this week was the new Kanye West song,” Borque says, and although he says it has nothing to do with what he does, it is the song that he has been playing all week. “I do like that Selena Gomez song,” he adds, referring to the pop star’s track “Same Old Love” which was playing while he was doing sounds check. “It’s fucking good, man! It’s really good!”

At the end of the interview, Bourque gives me a copy of his latest album “Pieces of Your Past.” The first time I heard his music was before the show at the Wave and I can say I have not stopped listening to it since. The music is beautiful, the lyrics are honest, and the aspect of a live recording adds so much to the sound as it displays the rawest kind of emotion. It also adds to the experience, giving off the feeling I am watching a live performance, wishing I had a beer in hand with someone I love cuddled up right next to me. Give his music a listen at and if you like what you hear (and I know you will) give him some love and purchase.

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