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Why Rich Brian’s Amen Is Worth Your Time

By: Iain Burhoe Looking at Brian Imanuel, you wouldn’t assume that he is a world-renowned rapper. The Indonesian-born artist only began releasing music about two years ago, with his first popular song being “Dat $tick”, a ballad about shooting cops... Continue Reading →

2017 in 300 words

“I can’t believe 2017 is almost over,” people whisper while Mariah Carey blasts her Christmas tunes over the speakers at Starbucks. “Where did the year even go?” As The Cadre prepares to wrap things up for the year next week,... Continue Reading →

UPEI Arts Review Author Profile: Stephanie Cairns

The Arts Review is a student-led print publication that strives to promote excellence in student writing at UPEI. Last year, the Review published its sixth volume: White Water. This volume contains a wide variety of both creative and academic pieces that... Continue Reading →

Zootopia: Is it an Utopia?

By: Jing Zhao Recently, the movie ZOOTOPIA was screened globally. The cute rabbit-Judy, the crafty fox-Nick, and the other mammals shows in the big city Zootopia. “Zootopia” can be separated to two words, which is zoo and Utopia. However, can... Continue Reading →

Theatre Review: Aladdin brings Holiday cheer to hearts and the stage

By Via Reyes I was invited to see the Confederation Centre's holiday production, Aladdin: Another Fairly Tall Tale, this past Friday and I could not have asked for a better way to spend a study break from finals. Following last year's holiday production of Cinderella,... Continue Reading →

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