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UPEISU Presidential Byelection Candidates Revealed

By: Nathan Hood The nomination period for the UPEISU presidential byelection closed on Tuesday, January 16th and Chelsea Perry, a first-year political science student, and fifth-year political science student Justin Clory are the sole candidates for the position. The post... Continue Reading →

UPEISU Election sees Record Turnout, Nathan Hood Elected President

By: Drew MacEachern The following article recounts the UNOFFICIAL results of the election; the results will become OFFICIAL when approved by Council this Sunday After two weeks of campaigning, UPEI students finally saw their votes count at the finish of... Continue Reading →

Candidate Interviews: SU President

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa The SU elections are this week, which means that students have some important decisions to make. To help with that process, the Cadre reached out to both Presidential candidates; VPSL Nathan Hood and Science Rep Emma McDermott.... Continue Reading →

UPEI Enters Election Season

If case you haven't noticed, the UPEISU is currently in the midst of an election campaign. It's time to see turn over with members of the Executive, as well as several council positions. This year there are contested elections for... Continue Reading →

Student Council Recap – Sept. 13th 2015

By: Drew MacEachern UPEI’s Student Council met for the first time this year last Sunday evening. The meeting started a little before six and began with an overview of technical issues led by Chair of Council Bob Deziel. These focused... Continue Reading →

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