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If You Want to Succeed: Bring The HEAT

One of the effects of being beaten with the STEM stick so often is that I sound like an anti-tech Luddite. However, nothing could be further from the truth. My problem resides with the technozealots, who believe that all of... Continue Reading →

Ballerina On the Moon

By: Dr. Libby Osgood I was going to be the first ballerina on the moon, or so I thought back in the early 1990’s around the age of 9. It didn’t matter that people had stopped traveling to the moon,... Continue Reading →

Under the Facade of Diversity

By: Anonymous The University of Prince Edward Island often touts diversity as a selling feature to bring students to UPEI but underneath the façade how diverse is UPEI really? The students on campus represent a variety of faculties, ethnicities, cultural... Continue Reading →

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