Most University students end up living with a roommate at one point or another… Maybe it’s in residence, maybe it’s in an apartment, maybe you’ve known the person for years, may you met them the day you arrived at your dorm. Whatever the case, you have to learn to put up with a whole new personality.

Most are fortunate enough to spend their semesters with someone who has the cleaning habits of Monica Geller and the likeability of Joey Tribbiani, but sometimes people just aren’t that lucky. Once you figure out what type of roommate you have, you can figure out how to adapt and get through the semester. Five difficult roommate personalities are listed below. The Cadre’s question is: Who are you living with?

1. The Hibernator: Ever walk into the living room and be surprised to see one of your roommates because you forgot they lived with you? That’s what happens when a hibernator roommate takes a rare trip out from their room and into other parts of the house. These roommates enjoy their personal space and often have the coolest room. It’s best to just let hibernators do their thing.

2. The Neat Freak: This is the roommate that will wake you up from your nap and yell at you for leaving a dirty bowl in the living room, or for forgetting to take out the garbage. And, they lose it if they come home to find any sort of mess at all. WARNING: This type can be dangerous with a broom! If you are going to stick it out with a neat freak, then you better start getting down on your hands and knees to shine the floors and scrub the toilet. It is the only way to make them happy.

3. The Party Monster: Yeah sure, partying comes along with university life, but some roommates get out of control. Having a roommate that enjoys being known as the Jay Gatsby of campus can be nerve-wracking. This type of roommate is not interested in chill quality time with a handful of close friends. They are only satisfied when the apartment is overflowing with people and there is a sink full of empty cans and bottles. Make sure you stalk up on plenty of Advil and learn how to put people in the recovery position.

4. The Ghost: University life is hectic, between work, school, and extracurriculars there’s not much time left for a social life. Ghost roommates take on so much that they are rarely around. Similar to the hibernator, the ghost appears on the occasional weekend or holiday. There isn’t much you can do in this situation, just enjoy having the house to yourself.

5. The Messy Hoarder: Most people leave a bit of a mess around the house. It’s only normal! But a real messy roommate will make you question whether you need to clean up, or just burn the place down. There are not many ways to tackle a messy roommate, and it is safe to say that it is by far the worst kind of roommate you can have.


By: Daniel Timen

Photo: Lorelei Kenny