Words spoken by Venerable Fulton Sheen (1895-1979), a man who gave the world exceptional multimedia content for decades. The sixty years of fidelity to his vocation alone are impressive, but the 65+ books he wrote and thirty years on air via television and radio evoke, in me at least, even more admiration.

The simple black and white set of Sheen’s series, Life is Worth Living was a virtual classroom with a philosophy professor priest as its star. On this tv series, Sheen spoke on philosophy, theology, psychology, and current issues. A recent article published by WordOnFire provides media lessons from Sheen, the article attributes Sheen’s success to his panache, his originality and the substance of all his works…a list to which I would add, his wit.

I’m Lorelei Kenny, your new Editor-in-Chief. I am a third-year student pursuing a double major in Philosophy and English Literature and a minor in Catholic Studies. As a lover of all these fields, Venerable Fulton Sheen has grown to be a great inspiration for me. All his life he stayed true to his principles, and he remained an inquisitive learner and skilled communicator.

In the title of this intro, Sheen crystallizes what infuriates me about media, and demonstrates exactly with what a newspaper should be concerned. There is no need to sensationalize events or to downplay issues. What is needed is accurate reporting. And so, The Cadre will dedicate itself to publishing Truth.

The Cadre will produce content with substance, and we will do so with panache, with humour, and with originality. We will report on SU, UPEI, and world affairs from a student’s perspective. We will write about student achievements, and we will give you the DL on the events happening on and off campus that you won’t want to miss. There is room at The Cadre for streeters, satirical news, feature stories, and maybe even a few booze panels.

The Cadre has a staff of six individuals… This is where you come in. Keeping UPEI students informed about what is happening on and off campus is difficult when we have such a small staff; this is why we count on students to become volunteer writers, photographers, and videographers. Send us your ideas, articles, pictures, clips, and opinion pieces. All we ask is that you report THE TRUTH, as dry, hilarious or shocking it may be!

Let’s create a newspaper that informs, enriches, and resonates with UPEI students!


Lorelei Kenny