Besides selecting who will run the SU ship come September, there’s one more decision students have to make. It is regarding changes to the by-laws and the Constitution of the UPEI SU. In order to answer the question with ample information, they are enjoined to read and understand the rationale behind it.


Question: Are you in favour of amending and simplifying the UPEI SU Constitution?

Rationale: The changes include some changes to processes outlined in the Constitution, as well as moving some elements to the by-laws for greater flexibility.

Amendments include:

  1. Further clarification/formal expansion of Council’s role;
  2. Moving role description to the by-laws;
  3. Ability to excuse absences from counting toward impeachment, particularly in cases where such absences are related to academic requirements;
  4. Gender-neutral language;
  5. Ability for Council to amend the Constitution in the event that a section conflicts with relevant legislation;
  6. Moving changes to fees other than the membership fee to the Finance By-laws so that we can more adequately describe and amend the processes for each;
  7. Having Constitution and By-law amendments come into effect immediately, rather than after seven days.
  8. Processes/items are controlled by groups external to the SU (i.e. Board of Governors/Senate membership) have been removed.


Don’t forget to vote via Campus Login on the 7th and 8th of March, 2017.