By: Morin Mawhinney

Have you ever watched a TV series and related a little too much? Like it’s freaky how much? Like it’s possible that without your knowledge your life has been hijacked by a band of highly trained undercover directors, actors and film crew members, and is being rewritten into a hit television show, loved by the masses? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the quiz for you. Simply add up the number corresponding to your answers and check your results below.

My talents include…

  1. Playing chopsticks on the piano.
  2. Eating mass amounts of food and not gaining a pound.
  3. Triple threat: a singing, acting, dancing sensation
  4. I have super powers but don’t tell.

I spend most of my time at…

  1. Home, 22 hours of the day
  2. Home and school, not a lot happens in between the two.
  3. Home, school and that one cafe/dive bar my friends and I hang out at.
  4. It depends on where I need to save the world from that day.

My friends and I…

  1. Instagram together?
  2. We hang out at school, but that’s about it.
  3. We’re always together, shooting off quick repartee.
  4. Friends? I don’t have friends. I have a team of highly trained professionals.

The love of my life and I…

  1. My cat and I are happy together.
  2. We have a healthy, functional relationship; every couple has their problems.
  3. I know we’re in love, but there’s always something getting in the way of us being together forever!
  4. Which one?

I’m living…

  1. At home.
  2. On my friend’s couch, eating Swanson Dinners.
  3. On my own/with spunky roommates but 20 minutes from home.
  4. Away from home on the adventure of a lifetime with some stalwart, unique companions.

My problems are…

  1. Sometimes I have a bad hair day.
  2. I can’t hold up my tacos because my wrist is too weak.
  3. I talk myself into a lot of awkward social situations.
  4. A lot of evil villains and conspiracy theories.

Embarrassing things…

  1. Happen now and then, but it’s no big deal.
  2. Only happen when I’m with certain friends.
  3. My foot fits really nicely into my mouth.
  4. All the time. Constantly. 24/7 I am embarrassed.

My co-workers are…

  1. Professional and appropriate.
  2. They’re my best friends and we’re constantly getting in trouble.
  3. I could tell you stories….AKA quirky co-workers AF.
  4. We really bonded over stopping 2012 from happening.

My family…

  1. Consists of parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, the basic nuclear family.
  2. There’s that one uncle we don’t talk about but when he shows up, everything is so much more fun.
  3. It’s keeping up with the _________’s over here.
  4. Everyone is in everyone’s business all the time, “unique” is the nice word for us.

My hobbies include…

  1. I’m not motivated enough for a hobby.
  2. Eating mass amounts of food and making fun of old tv shows with my friends.
  3. My hobby is my passion and my passion is my job.
  4. Saving the world from an all-devouring evil.

I see my old flame…

  1. What old flame? I don’t have a new flame.
  2. We go to different schools, live different lives, I barely see him/her.
  3. They pop up every few months and we either avoid eye contact, or I give them a hug and catch up, then go on with my life.
  4. They’re everywhere! In my dreams, around every corner, meaningful glances out the wassu!

The music I most connect to is…

  1. Whatever’s on the radio.
  2. You probably haven’t heard of it.
  3. I can always find the perfect song for every situation I’m in and whatever I’m feeling.
  4. An epic symphony, complete with meaningful violin solos and upbeat melodies.  

My favorite season is…

  1. Winter
  2. Spring
  3. Autumn
  4. Summer

I would identify as…

  1. An organized person
  2. An absolute control freak
  3. A mess
  4. A hot mess.

I know…

  1. An average amount of people.
  2. I know everyone, but I’m sort of without a core group of good friends.
  3. I’ve got my go-to peeps, but also some good acquaintances.
  4. What do I need a lot of friends for? I already have two.

In my life…

  1. Things never go right, I’ve pretty much given up.
  2. It’s give and take, sometimes life is good, sometimes it’s not.
  3. I have an issue every week or so, and all my friends get together to figure it out.
  4. I’m a blessed child, my problems always seem to work themselves out in 45 minutes or less.

At school…

  1. I have a lot of classes and teachers, all full of good material.
  2. I go to school, but I really only go for that one teacher who always has something relevant to my life to teach.
  3. I’m in school, but I spend most of my time slamming lockers, passing notes and having dramatic conversations in the bathroom.
  4. I’m actually constantly on summer vacation.


  1. I’m an only child.
  2. I have one and we will either be hating each other or working together to hide the body.
  3. I have 2-3 and we’re pretty close/well-adjusted/there when it counts.
  4. So many siblings, but I’m closer with one than the rest. We’re basically best friends.

People comment on my…

  1. Work ethic
  2. Thoughtfulness
  3. Style
  4. Sense of humor

Favorite drink is…

  1. Water, need to stay hydrated.
  2. Chocolate milk, nutritious (sort of) and delicious (definitely).
  3. Coffee with a side of oxygen.
  4. Anything alcoholic.

BONUS: Cameras and Microphones

  1. What are you talking about?
  2. Every once and while a camera will show up as I use my new laundry detergent.
  3. Yeah, cameras and microphones tend to follow me around. They usually highlight the dramatic parts of my life.
  4. Um, yeah they’re everywhere…I hired them.


21 – 42

If you’re paranoid you’re the Truman Show come extra “Tru,” calm down. I’d say your life is just too normal to be on TV. You might show up in a commercial every now and then, but unfortunately, your life is running way to smoothly to make for good television.


Two words for you: reality TV. That’s you. Your life is just messy enough to over-dramatize every detail and make it into hit TLC show. For title inspiration, feel free to use this Reality TV Show Title Generator:


Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Sherlock, and add-your-name-here because you are streaming live. Sitcom, Action, Teen Drama? You do it all. You face some serious situations in your life, but it always seems to work out; unless your favorite character…I mean your friends…die off.