By: The Engineered Poet

“But words are things, and a small drop of ink, / Falling, like dew, upon a thought produces / That which makes thousands, perhaps millions think.” – Lord Byron

You never know where your writing will lead you, how it will affect and perhaps inspire others. Or as Lord Byron suggest, how it will provoke thought in others. That is why for the rest of the year Friday will be known as Feature Friday at the Cadre, where the work of one student writer from across campus will be published.

We kick off this year with a short piece written by an unknown UPEI student from the engineering faculty:

I know but I don’t know

It feels like my soul is trying to fight
But it just wants to take flight
I’m lost trying to read your mind
But it seems I can’t really find
The trouble that is behind,
Behind the walls of time
When I didn’t know who you were
Or the struggles that pushes you so far
Far beyond anything one should feel
With a pain that is still so real
I just want to be there for you
But I’ll never understand what you’ve truly been through
But I don’t want to be shut off too
What can I do
I’m always there to listen
And listen to my intuition
So I know when something’s not right
I will drop everything any time of night
To listen to all the struggles in your mind
And I if can. Help you find
Find a path out of this unfair maze
This scary haze
Driving the force of your days
Deciding the ways you get to react
To the fact
Of the horrors of your past
That seem to always last
But I know there is a way
Of a better life for you today
I mean it has to get better for you
I won’t believe the opposite is true


“I never stop thinking and it’s often hard to make sense of the high-speed chaos in my brain. When I write, It brings the thoughts in my mind into sharper focus and it is a great method to de-stress throughout my life.”

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