By: Jing Zhao

On the 9th November 2015, Society of International Students (SIS) held their first event- International Kick-off Trivia in the W.A. Murphy Student Center. International students gathered together to make friends with each other as well as relax from the heavy load of studying. The President of SIS, Hammad Ahmed and  other SIS executive members introduced themselves and their organization. Students from different countries, such as China, Japan, Switzerland, Korea, the Caribbean, Germany and so on, performed in this activity and enjoyed their time at this special night.

In the beginning, Hammad welcomed all the students and brought the first show- dancing. International Student Advisor Erica, the best friend of many international students, joined with Hammad danced upstage, which made the convivial atmosphere. All the international students applauded with the music of dancing.

Then, the Chinese association, Chinese Knot performed two Chinese Songs: “The Orchid in the Village,” and “Tomorrow will be Better.” All Chinese Knots students wore white shirt and jeans, showing their well preparing for this activity. They introduced their association, welcoming all the students join in them. Sing songs in Chinese shows out the different culture. The audiences could enjoy the beautiful Chinese songs. The second song “Tomorrow will be Better” gave their best wishes to all the international students and hoped all the students will have a bright future.

The most magic performance was card conjuring. The performer used one pack of cards to surprise all the audiences under the stage. It was amazing that card could suddenly chance and vanish before all the audiences’ eyes. Performer won lots of applauses after his perfect magic.

The Multicultural Choir and Song Circle performed four songs: “Happy” in English with chorus in Swahili, French and English; “Everybody Loves Saturday Night” in Mandarin, French and English; Ukrainian Lullaby in three-part harmony; and “Jambo” in Swahili. The multicultural choir brought the variety of the songs to all the international students. Those international students would feel at home after hearing the songs singing by using their mother tunes.

Almost the end of the performance, there was the supply of the pizza and drinks. All the international students could eat the delicious food, and make new friends with chatting with each other. Students really had fun in this international kick-off trivia.