By Daniel Brown

Sept. 29

  • Four Speciality Fitness Class schedules have been updated; Tabata Blast, Yoga, Spin & Strength/Advanced Spin, and Restorative Yoga/Power Flow Yoga. The classes are lead by Christina Sonier, Lyndsey Paynter, Tracey Gairns-Brioux, and Derrick Biso respectively. The updated schedules can be found at UPEI’s Athletics and Recreation web page. Link

Sept. 30

  • The UPEI Panther Subway Athletes of the Week are named, consisting of Amy Andrews and Harminder Singh. Andrews played a huge role in the win over SMU on Saturday (Sept. 26) in Women’s Rugby, having scored 12 of the team’s 27-5 win. Singh, being Athlete of the Week twice consecutively now, performed exceptionally in Men’s Soccer, helping his team in earning a great weekend. Link

Oct. 2

  • Women’s Rugby: St. FX 47 – 0 Panthers

  • Men’s Basketball: Panthers 97 – 88 UNB

Oct. 3

  • The UPEI Women’s Volleyball team began their season by playing at the Mount Alison Tournament on Saturday. Eight teams in total took part, all apart of the Atlantic College Athletic Association league. According to Coach Kevin MacAdam, only three players from last years team are playing this year, with the rest being a strong group of rookie players. They have been practicing since early September, and MacAdam expressed excitement and enthusiasm in their abilities. While they lost in the semi-finals of the tournament, MacAdam was proud of their performance. Link Link

  • AUFH Field Hockey: DAL 2 – 1 Panthers

  • Women’s Soccer: Panthers 1 – 0 DAL

  • Women’s Basketball: Panthers 73 – 55 DAL

  • Women’s Hockey: STU 2 – 0 Panthers

  • Men’s Soccer: DAL 2 – 0 Panthers

  • Men’s Basketball: Laval 97 – 95 Panthers

  • AUFH Field Hockey: Panthers 1 – 1 SMU

  • Men’s Hockey: Panthers 3 – 2 SMU

Oct. 4

  • The Atlantic University Field Hockey League Tournament, hosted at UPEI, came to a close. This was the second tournament of the season, and the seven participating universities fought hard. Coach Sheila Bell looked forward to improving their strong start in the season by playing at home, and this weekend determined whether they would carry on into the AUFH Championships.  Link

  • UPEI is looking for Men and Women curlers to represent them at the 2016 Atlantic University Curling Championships. The championship takes place on February 19-21, and if they win, they will proceed to the CIS Championship in Kelowna, BC, on March 24-27. Curlers have until October 14 to contact Ron Annear. Link

  • AUFH Field Hockey: Panthers 0 – 0 ACA

  • Men’s Basketball: SMU 113 – 107 Panthers

  • Women’s Soccer: SMU 1 – 0 Panthers

  • AUFH Field Hockey: Panthers 3 – 0 UNB

  • Women’s Basketball: Panthers 84 – 78 HC

  • Men’s Soccer: Panthers 3 – 0 SMU

  • AUFH Field Hockey: Panthers 9 – 0 MtA