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The “P” in UPEI Stands for “Party”

By: Morin Mawhinney In a recent article published by Maclean’s, they ranked Canada’s 47 Top Party Schools. You’ll all be happy to know our own UPEI came in at #21. That’s a reasonably respectable position, isn’t it? For the party... Continue Reading →

Being at School When Not at School

By: Daniel Brown Just recently, on January 6th, I underwent reconstructive jaw surgery so to render my notably problematic underbite no longer problematic and my notable inability to eat pizza without all the toppings flying everywhere no longer an issue.... Continue Reading →

The Awkwardness of Relationship Ambiguity

By: Anonymous I am almost positive that about half of the people reading this article right now have been in at least one, of what I like to call, “non-relationship relationships”. These are situations in which you’ve been seeing someone... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk

By: William Beall Dear student, You’re young or old, You’re acing all your courses, Or wondering why the hell you’re even here at all, Perhaps somewhere in between, And I just want you to know, I have a few things... Continue Reading →

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