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UPEISU Feedback Session: “Kids These Days” Recap

By: Via Reyes For the UPEISU's traditional information feedback session, the Academic and External Affairs Committee and the Advocacy Team worked hard to organize the "Kids These Days" event, which included a panel discussion in an effort to start a discussion regarding the... Continue Reading →

Opening the Door for Inclusion

By: Anonymous Creating a diverse environment helps us to open doors, and make spaces more welcoming for students. Students acknowledge this whether or not it’s a conscious awareness. From a systemic standpoint UPEI seems to be at a stalemate. While... Continue Reading →

Student Council Recap – Nov. 15th 2015

By: Taya Nabuurs Call to Order The Student Council Meeting was promptly called to order at 6:01. Reports President: Dana Kenny After the agenda and last meeting’s minutes were approved, UPEISU President Dana Kenny began the meeting with his report.... Continue Reading →

SU Exec Profiles: Dana Kenny

And last but definitely not the least, to conclude The Cadre's Exec Profile series we present to you Dana Kenny, your UPEI Student Union President! We at the Cadre hope you know a little more about your student union executives and what they do... Continue Reading →

SU Exec Profiles: John Rix

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend so far! Now for something to definitely brighten up your day, here is the profile we produced for the very pleasant VP Academic & External, John Rix. Get to know a little... Continue Reading →

SU Exec Profiles: Zach Tweel

Next on our exec profile series is the newest member of the executive team: the money man himself, Zach Tweel! Watch our video to see how he's getting along as VP Finance. Every day this week, The Cadre will be releasing another executive... Continue Reading →

SU Exec Profiles: Nathan Hood

Hello UPEI Students and Cadre Readers, Are you curious as to what exactly goes on at the Student Union? Have you ever wondered what exactly the Student Union executives do? Are you trying to remember who the Student Union Executives are? We at The... Continue Reading →

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