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Student Success at Science Atlantic 2017 in Maths, Stats & Computer Science Conference.

Left to right: Patti Kibenge and Anna Frankfurt   This year’s Maths, Statistics & Computer Science conference of Science Atlantic was held at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, in mid-October. Students from many member universities were sent to... Continue Reading →

Candidate Interviews: SU President

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa The SU elections are this week, which means that students have some important decisions to make. To help with that process, the Cadre reached out to both Presidential candidates; VPSL Nathan Hood and Science Rep Emma McDermott.... Continue Reading →

Women in Science

By: Esomchukwu Obinna The idea that women might have taken a different, or a more subtle approach, in the history of science is an ambiguous fallacy. Proponents of this fallacy often argue that women possess the natural traits of being nurturing... Continue Reading →

Environmental Studies Now a Major

By: Elizabeth Iwunwa For over ten years since 2001, students at UPEI have been able to study Environmental Studies as a minor only. However, this year it has now developed into a major. The prerequisite for studying for a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the university is... Continue Reading →

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